Annuities in O'Fallon, MO

Accumulate wealth for retirement or another long-term goal with annuities. In O'Fallon, MO, we are highly skilled at helping you invest wisely to achieve your financial goals. With an annuity, funds accrue on a tax-deferred basis. After you reach the age of 59 ½, you can withdraw those funds without penalty.

At that point, you can choose to receive your funds in a lump sum or through a series of payments. The money you contribute toward annuities is invested in various funds of your choice in order to increase the value of your portfolio. You may make payments monthly, quarterly, yearly, or as a single lump-sum. Depending on your needs, you can receive payments for the rest of your life or for a set number of years.

Comprehensive Annuity Planning

Have you already reached your contribution level for your IRA or 401(k)? Since these retirement savings plans have certain limits that cannot be exceeded, you may want another option to generate more retirement income. Through annuity planning, Renaud & Company helps you boost your retirement savings. In addition, annuities grow tax-deferred. They generate life-long income, whether you are 45 or 70. Some of the reasons to choose an annuity include:

• Lower Cost
• Tax Deferred
• Compounding Investment
• Income You Can Never Outlive
• Predictable Income
• Multiple Investment Options
• Life-Long Income after Retirement
Annuities Specialists in O'Fallon, MO

Retirement Annuity Investments

For no-nonsense and commonsense advice on annuity investments, you can depend on our highly experienced and credentialed annuity advisor. At our financial planning firm, we are careful to provide personalized service, paying close attention to your concerns and goals. Contribute as much as you want while saving money for retirement. When you set up an annuity, you contribute funds until the contract reaches the payout date.

At that time, the total is either paid out as a lump sum or in a series of payments over a period that stretches as long as you live. Even though earnings on these funds are taxed as ordinary income, the funds attributed to the initial premium will not be. Contribute as much as you want without pre-tax. In addition, annuity investments are excellent ways to save money for your beneficiaries. Depending on how you set up your plan when you die, the remaining funds are available for your loved ones.

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